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Trust Garage Door Service is pleased to offer the widest selection of garage door parts in Vista. Our catalog contains both brand name replacement parts for common types of doors and generic parts that provide a viable value-priced alternative in many cases. We also have a range of parts for more exotic systems. Regardless of what part, accessory or weatherproofing material you're in need of, we either have it on hand or can obtain it quickly.

Garage Door Springs

Trust Garage Door Service Vista, CA 442-256-6246The spring is the primary component that keeps the garage door suspended while it is opening and closing. A damaged spring can cause a door to lock up, or even worse, to fall unexpectedly. Naturally, it's important to ensure these parts are always in good working order, and to replace them if they are beginning to show signs of strain. Trust Garage Door Service carries all of the different springs needed in any garage door mechanism, including custom door systems.

This is where the industry-leading experience of Trust Garage Door Service's technicians comes into play. We can inform you of which spring types any given door uses and maintain, repair and replace them for you. We can even obtain and repair non-standard spring systems for you.

Torsion Springs

The primary function of the torsion spring is to transfer the force generated by the weight of the garage door to a stabilizing bar installed overhead. A spool of cable that is attached to the bar unwinds to pull the door open. Torsion springs are critical for the function of any garage door system, but they can gradually wear out due to wear on both the spring itself and the cable.

Residential garage doors will generally only have one or two torsion springs. Larger commercial doors can have many more.

Extension Springs

The extension springs will expand and contract to assist the door's motion. These springs can be found mounted on the pulley or the door frame. As with the torsion springs, the extension springs are continually under a great deal of pressure and are subject to gradual wear over time. Due to risk of injury, only qualified professionals should attempt to service or replace these springs.

Spring Repair

Springs in a garage door are also constantly under high pressure, up to a ton of pressure in some commercial design models. This is the part that is primarily responsible for keeping the door from crashing down when elevated, so an issue with a spring is a serious safety matter that needs to be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, the design of these springs makes them more vulnerable to damage than other parts of the garage door. Trust Garage Door Service is able to check door springs and perform routine preventive maintenance on them to ensure they remain in good working order. And in the event of a spring failure, we will respond quickly to repair or replace them.